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I was born and raised in Seattle, WA. I began singing as a young teenager and acting very soon after.
It was on stage playing Tony in The Boyfriend in 10th grade that I realized that performing was my greatest passion.
I moved to New York City in the spring of 2004 and spent three years performing in the city and around the country.
In February of 2006, I met my bride-to-be, Jenness Klein and on July 7, 2007 we were married.

Let me introduce myself...

It was playing the role of Sky Masterson in a production of Guys & Dolls in Columbus, Georgia,
that I met not only my leading lady in the show, but the leading lady of my life!
The beautiful and talented Jenness Klein played the role of Sarah Brown and quickly (very quickly)
stole my heart.


There are 3 of us boys in my family. My older brother Seth is a year and a half older than I am.
Seth trains nurses and doctors how to use electronic medical record software.  He also works
for Burning Man ( www.burningman.com ) and is very into Desert Racing ( www.desertdingo.com ).
He currently lives in Oakland, California. Growing up, Seth and I were not only brothers, but best
friends. In all of our years I don't recall a single fist fight between us. He did, however, bloody a
few bullies noses in my defense.


Ryan graduated from San Luis Obispo College with a bachelors degree in Physics in 2004,
Went to ATP flight school, graduated and became a flight instructor in Tampa Florida.
Nine months later, Ryan was hired as a pilot with Pinnacle/Northwest Airlines. Ryan is married
to a beautiful lady, Jamie Mask. Ryan currently flies all over the US and world as a
commercial passenger airline pilot. They both live in Minnesota. Ryan is the comedian
of the family. Throughout our growing up years, we've shared the same way-of-center
sense of humor.

My parents, (Ben and Chris) are the best set of parents a son could hope for.
In 2008, My father brought his recuiting practice of 10 years, STS Recruiting,
into the Nextec Group, a Microsoft Dynamics Value Added Reseller. He is now
General Manager of Nextec Recruiting Services. My folks live in Sequim,
WA. Their love for eachother,
to me, is the example to strive for.




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